RCR Tours Web Site Agreement

RCR Tours is a family owned and operated business. To this end we always endeavour to ensure that your experience with us is personal and professional. We ensure that all our clients have a fullfilling and rewarding experience with us.

RCR Tours is committed to ensuring that both locals and tourist alike achieve the best experience possible and thus we offer customized tours as well as private and intimate tours. We also have special gifts for couples who select the particular tour packages.

Unlike other tour facilities across the line, RCR Tours will ensure that your tour experience will be as exciting and or family oriented as possible. Therefore some of our packages are catered more for families whilst others are catered for adults. This ensures that families can have the assurance that their children will not be exposed to any material(s) that may be off a sensitive nature. An example of this is the offering of a Rum Tour, which is not offered to minors.