Visit a Breathtakingly Beautiful Destination in Barbados- Bathsheba

Rich in minerals and life, Bastheba in Barbados is said to resemble Bathsheba’s (wife of King David) bath in terms of appearance of health giving value. At this destination, you will witness the rugged east coast of Barbados, which offers a great platform to breathe in the fresh air and soak in the full of energy Bastheba Pools to feel rejuvenated.

Bathsheba in Barbados is known for its breathtakingly beautiful beaches, and a dramatic coastline that has striking rock formations. The Bastheba village is a home to small community fisherfolk and their families. Along the coast of the Bastheba Beaches, you will find guest houses, restaurants and local rum shops.

The best thing about this place in Barbados is enjoying a super Soup Bowl surfing activity. The Bastheba Beaches are a host to many local and international surfing championships, which makes it a great place to surf. Apart from this you can make a stop at the Bastheba Park, which is a great picnic and picture-taking spot.

The best thing about Bastheba is that it enjoys a steady temperature throughout the year. For sure you will enjoy a memorable visit to Bastheba in Barbados with a reliable tour operator in Barbados- RCR Tours. We will make your Bastheba trip a comfortable, relaxing and exciting one.

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